Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bert the Barbarian Released

Bert the Barbarian is now live on Amazon and Smashwords. 

It all started when he tried to end it all.

Bert Hoover jumped from a bridge, only to be rudely rescued by a flying saucer. Now he’s on the backward planet of Mardalu, enslaved by the brutal Morans. His only friend is Janice, but she’s been sold into slavery as well.

Escape will be difficult, especially for a chronic under-achiever. After that, all Bert has to do is the impossible: find Janice, rescue her, and somehow find a way back to Earth.

I'm proud of this novel, which is why I've priced it at the extortionate level of $2.99, instead of the $.99 of Lord of Fire.  Check out the link on the right to see a sample.

I would love any feedback about the cover, the description, the sample pages, or the whole novel, if you've read it.  If you didn't like it, why not?  Leave me a comment.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Welcome to Fantastic Adventures, the blogosphere home of novelist Brent Nichols. I'll be posting updates about my books and writing about indie publishing in the fantasy genre. I'm the author of Lord of Fire, a novel of high adventure and low comedy, and Cinderella's Blues, a novella that re-tells the Cinderella story with a bit more butt-kicking than the original. Look for Bert the Barbarian, a fantasy novel, and Spirit of Adventure, a collection of short stories, coming soon.