Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recommended Reading - Vengar the Barbarian

Buy Vengar the Barbarian

I challenge you to read the opening paragraph of this brilliant heroic fantasy parody and not keep reading.  Here it is.  I dare you.

"It was the third week of the Hyperbolic Age and things were going just terribly. In fact, if the previous two weeks were any indication, the Hyperbolic was a real stinking crap heap of an age, rife with senseless wars, vicious earthquakes and great belching, burping volcanoes. It was pretty much the worst thing to grace a calendar since the abominable eighth day of the week, whose vile name is best left forgotten."

I laughed out loud on pretty much every page.  I recommend this outrageous, hilarious tale to you without reservation.  It's short, a couple of dozen pages, in that grey area between long short story and short novella.  It's cheap, too.  A buck.  You can't go wrong.
Buy Vengar the Barbarian

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