Friday, October 28, 2011

Review - eFiction Magazine October Issue

I've been trying to get to this all month.  It's too good not to recommend, but it's nearly time for the November issue and I give up.  Not that the magazine is hard to read; far from it.  I was out of the country for two weeks and hideously busy the rest of the time and I've only had time to read about three stories so far, so here is my unofficial review based on what I've seen.

October was the Halloween-themed issue, and it's a good deal spookier than the usual eFiction fare.  Marcin Wrona's #Baphomet is worth the price of admission all by itself.  It's a compulsively readable, indescribably creepy story about a teenage boy getting himself in WAY over his head.  It's a really excellent piece of writing, and it's enough all by itself to make a subscription to eFiction totally worthwhile.

I read a few more stories.  Quality levels varied, but each story was worthwhile in its way.  eFiction Magazine is a non-professional magazine, with corresponding weaknesses and strengths.  I don't mean it's unprofessional or sloppy or lacks standards, just that not a lot of money changes hands.  There are stories that wouldn't quite cut it in a pro magazine, but they're still quite meticulously written and edited.  There are also stories like #Baphomet, which is as good as anything you'll find online or in print.

eFiction is put together by writers and staff who clearly love what they're doing, and they've created something that's well worth your time.  Some of the writing is a little rough around the edges, but there are unpolished gems you just wouldn't find in a shinier, more expensive magazine.  I would be proud to have my own writing in eFiction, and I'm planning to submit some stories. 

I'm looking forward to the November issue.  Read it online for free at or subscribe on your Kindle.

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