Thursday, January 3, 2013

Win a Kindle Fire HD

Jerry Hanel, talented creator of Brodie Wade, is giving away a Kindle Fire HD to some lucky reader who joins his mailing list.  The Fire comes preloaded with books by Jerry, me, and several other notable authors.  Here's the official scoop from Jerry:

That's right. You could win a brand new, fresh out of the box, Kindle Fire HD. And I know what you're thinking: "WOW! Hey, how can I win this lovely item?"
See? I'm a mind reader.

The Kindle Fire HD!

To win the Kindle Fire HD, simply sign up for my newsletter. You will get emails from me on advance copies of my books, free ebooks from other authors and much more. I don't send many newsletters (maybe four or five a year), so I promise not to flood your inbox with junk.

When you sign up, make SURE that you check the "Giveaway" box. That's how I'll know that you want to sign up for the giveaway promotion (and future giveaways, too!)
That's it! If you have already signed up for the newsletter in the past, check to make sure that you have entered yourself in the "Giveaway" list. If so, you are ALREADY in this drawing!! If you're not sure, just sign-up again. It will say "Error: This email already exists" if you've signed up before under any other newsletter list, but that's okay. It will still take your entry. I've tested it to make sure.

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