Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recommended Reading - The Half-Orcs

Read the Half-Orcs

The two brothers were almost to the wall when the skulls flew overhead.
“Make them stop!” cried Harruq Tun, hands pressed against his ears. Beside him, Qurrah Tun stood mesmerized by the sight. Hundreds of skulls bathed in purple fire sailed over the walls of Veldaren like dark comets. Gaping mouths shrieked mindless wails, their voices bone-chilling and unrelenting. A few soldiers fired arrows, but most hid behind their shields.

Part orc, part elf, they are born to be outcasts and misfits, with only each other to rely on.  Harruq and Qurrah Tun are as close as brothers can be, but the bond between them will be sorely tested by the trials they will face.  One will seek redemption.  One will seek power at any cost.  The world will be altered forever by their struggle, and possibly even destroyed.

The Half-Orcs series is a rip-roaring fantasy epic by David Dalglish, author of the acclaimed Shadowdance trilogy.  Five books tell the story of a struggle that will engulf nations and pit men against gods.

This is excellent storytelling, filled with peril and warfare, dark magic and strange creatures.  It is also an intensely personal story.  There is romance, self-discovery, bonds of friendship and loyalty, bonds of love, bonds of blood.  Ultimately it addresses fundamental questions of identity and choice.  Dalglish is a highly-skilled author, and he pulls out all the stops in this series.

You can try out the first book for free, or save a buck or two by picking up the first three volumes in an omnibus.

Read the Half-Orcs

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