Monday, July 11, 2011

Looking for Fantastic Bargains

If you're an author with a book that's fantastical or adventurous, I'd like to write about it in this space. The book has to be good enough for me to recommend, and it has to be more or less in keeping with the theme of the blog. Any branch of the fantasy genre is welcome, and anything with science fiction or lots of adventure. Ninjas, pirates, anything with a cool pulp vibe works for me.

It also needs to be discounted, preferably with a Smashwords coupon.

I want to be able to sincerely recommend every book I blog about, so I can't promise to list every submission.

Put the basic info and a Smashwords discount coupon code into the comments below, or email me at brentn at netscape dot net.


  1. Just read from Kindleboards, wanted to submit my information:

    Jonathan Rush and the Star Academy
    Science Fiction, Adventure

    50% off with code: SSW50

    The first part of the book is available on Smashwords as well for free.

  2. Apolo Drakuvich

    34 reviews

    Literary Fiction / Dystopian Fiction

  3. "Trouble on the Red Planet: Aumrill" by Gary Nicholson. Available on Amazon. The grammar, punctuation, and spelling are horrible, but the story is amazing! If you want it discounted/free, add it to your wishlist on Amazon, then talk up Gary, via Amazon, or on Facebook. He may end up sending you a copy for free to get the review. Gary has several volumes of poetry, one of short stories, and will have "Trouble in Orion's Belt" published within the year. He is also a personal friend, a great guy, and a bit perverse. You'll love him!
    Deb Shaw

  4. "Trouble on the Red Planet: Aumrill" has i's share of errors like any book. I do not apologize for any of them. After months of painstaking effort I completed a compehensive work. I will not take advice from someone who has never taken the time to wite a novel and I challenge anyone to compare "Trouble on the Red Planet: Aumrill" with any other work; I assure you it falls withing an acceptle margin for error. And a person who clain that the use of semicolons in sentences diminishes the quality of a literary work is not a competent critic. furtermore the use of grammer characterization may be different from character to character to make them unique to one another. Write a book, enjoy it, and good luck.