Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Recommended Reading - An Exercise in Futility

An Exercise in Futility is half price until the end of July

“This knife, and probably a few others, were forged a century or two ago using some very, very advanced magic. Inside the hilt, there is a column of glass made from wizard’s sand, which is standard for long-term enchantments. The runes engraved in the blade keep the spell ready. Prick your finger on the blade and you’ll see a glimpse of the Underworld. Leave it in the cut and the vision lasts longer. Keep it there long enough, and the King of the Underworld comes by for a chat.” Joseph’s lip curled upward. “He’s a nice man, really.”

An Exercise in Futility is a classic sword-and-sorcery novel by Steve Thomas.  Ezekiel wants to be a soldier, but a debilitating injury puts his life on a different path.  He goes to stay with his uncle and learns magic, instead.  War, however, will not be so easily avoided.

It's a short novel, but it has an epic feel.  As Ezekiel grows into his new role, and learns to bring the dead back to life, he begins to wonder if it might be possible to bring life back to an entire civilisation.

An Exercise in Futility is a bargain any time at only three bucks.  From now until the end of July, though, you can get it for half price.  Check it out here

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