Monday, July 18, 2011

Recommended Reading - Rogue Hunter

Rogue Hunter is an incredible 75% off until the end of July!

She leapt into the air and activated her Icarus Tech Propulsion Pack, its twin-turbo sonic propulsion engines mounted just above the small of her back, thrusting her like a bolt of lightning away from the laser fire and towards an overturned excavator vehicle. She had to duck to avoid being struck by the subsequent laser blasts zipping by her, as well as hot shrapnel that rained from the excavator’s hull like fiery hail.

Lasers!  Jet packs!  A space-faring bounty hunter on a deadly mission with the fate of the galaxy at stake!  What's not to like?
Rogue Hunter: Quest of the Hunter is a rocking space-opera adventure by Kevis Hendrickson.  Here's the author's official blurb:

Zyra Zanr is the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. Criminals everywhere cower at her name. During the attempt to capture a notorious fugitive, she stumbles onto a conspiracy to murder the senators of the InterGalactic Alliance. Behind this plot is a clandestine force seeking to destroy not only the InterGalactic Alliance, but mankind as well.

War looms on the horizon as Zyra collides with this deadly force threatening to rock the very foundations of time and space. Zyra’s quest to uncover the mastermind behind this plot will pit her against an evil menace beyond her wildest imagination. Only Zyra can save humanity from an impending holocaust. Victory will mean the salvation of the human race. Failure will mean the end of all that Zyra holds dear. The battle for the future has begun!

Join Zyra Zanr in her 115,000 word (327 page) sci-fi epic and enter the world of the Rogue Hunter!

Winner of the Red Adept Annual Indie Award (2010): 'Top Science Fiction'.

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