Saturday, July 2, 2011

Recommended Reading - Hard Day's Knight

Check out the Dark Knight chronicles

I hate waking up in an unfamiliar place. I’ve slept in pretty much the same bed for the past fifteen years, so when I wake up someplace new, it really throws me off. When that someplace is tied to a metal folding chair in the center of an abandoned warehouse that reeks of stale cigarette smoke, diesel fuel and axle grease - well, that really started my night off on a sparkling note.

It's not just hunks who get turned into vampires.  Fat guys who play too many computer games can end up undead, too.  Hard Day's Knight, the first book in the Dark Knight chronicles, is spooky, hilarious, exciting, and fun.

Jimmy Black and Greg Knightwood are vampires.  They're also detectives, and they've stumbled into the biggest case of their afterlives.  Children have been disappearing, but that's just the beginning.  Halloween is three days away, and is going to be unleashed.  Something bad.  Bad enough to frighten two denizens of the darkness who would really rather be playing XBox games than trying to save the world.

John Hartness has created a superb team in the form of Jimmy and Greg, proprieters of Dark Knight Investigations.  They're pretty good detectives, when they're not too busy swapping insults.  Hard Day's Knight is a very-well-crafted story, with a mystery plot, plenty of suspense, and combat and mayhem along the way.  The book never becomes so ridiculous that you can't take the plot seriously, but it is constantly, inventively funny.  Jimmy and Greg bicker with each other, they bicker with their dorky new client, they bicker with the neighbourhood priest. 

This ebook, it must be said, has a really lame cover.  It sucks.  Look beyond it to the brilliant story within.  It's great fun to read.  I highly recommend it.

Check out the Dark Knight chronicles

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