Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recommended Reading - Catch an Honest Thief

Catch an Honest Thief - Half Price until July 31

Dr. Alexia Zimmerman wondered, not for the first time, why people believed that burglars always wore black. Efficiently, she donned white gloves to match her outfit and slid through the doorway into the first chamber. That particular stereotype was about to cost the City of Haven its livelihood. Again.

Alexia Zimmerman has a secret. By all appearances she's a buttoned-down psychiatrist in the high-tech experimental city of Haven. However, she has this unfortunate compulsion. She can't quite resist a locked door. Guards and security cameras? Even better.

The crystals that power the city have been stolen before. Now security has been cranked up so tight that poor Alexia can't resist it. She doesn't mean any harm. She'll return the crystals, just as soon as she's proven she can take them.

But then a real thief shows up, and things get complicated.

Catch an Honest Thief is a genre-busting book with elements of science fiction, mystery, adventure, and romance. Alexia is a butt-kicking and thoroughly endearing protagonist, and the supporting cast is quite good as well.

Catch an Honest Thief - Half Price until July 31

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