Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book Launch - Thaloc Has a Body

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He knew the legend, but didn't believe it until it threatened to swallow his soul. If his theories were correct, he had one chance. Only one shot to save his life. He crawled forward grabbing Brandon by the ankles, pulling him back into the room

"I've changed my mind. I need you." His voice sounded hollow, as though speaking into a large barrel. It reverberated through his head and the sensation made him pause.

Bill felt Brandon roll onto his back as he spun in his grasp.

"No! No, let me go. Please!" Brandon's screams echoed in the stone chamber. "I won't tell anyone you were down here. I promise! Please! Please, let me get out of here before we both die. Let me go!"

Thaloc Has a Body, second book in the Brodie Wade series, has now been officially launched.  It's available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords, and it's well worth checking out.

We first met Brodie Wade in Death Has a Name.  He's a paranormal investigator who gets hints and information from a mysterious entity known as the Truth.

This time around, the Truth has some bad news.  Brodie is going to die.  His friend Phil is in terrible danger.  Meanwhile, a series of murders has been happening at the Granspire Museum, and it just may involve a demon from ancient Egypt.

If you like your paranormal thrillers with real originality, engaging characters, plenty of action, and a dark edge, you won't go wrong with the Brodie Wade series.  Check out both books.

Death Has a Name - Thaloc Has a Body

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