Monday, July 4, 2011

Recommended Reading - Kissed by Darkness

Read Kissed by Darkness

Smart and sassy and ready to kick butt, Morgan Bailey is a character you will enjoy spending time with. She's a professional vampire hunter, keeping the streets of Portland, Oregon safe for human beings. Naturally, though, things are about to get complicated. A mysterious new client has hired her to hunt down a Sunwalker, the worst kind of vampire, one who can walk in the sunlight.

It's more than a straightforward hunt, though. It seems the Sunwalker has stolen a powerful artifact, and the client wants it back. Morgan's world, already far from simple, is about to get a lot more complicated. The vampire clans have marked her for death. An honest-to-God Templar Knight is after her. And the magic artifact is awakening something within Morgan, something powerful, something dark.

This is urban fantasy at its best, cool and sexy, loaded with fun, full of fascinating characters and unexpected plot twists. Check it out.

Read Kissed by Darkness

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